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    About Us

    Youth for Troops is a youth-led nonprofit 501 (c)(3) volunteer and donation-based organization that serves veterans, service members, and their families. The focus of Youth for Troops is to encourage children, teens, and families to volunteer and support veterans and service members. Youth for Troops recruits volunteers to provide help at veteran and military events with the goal of raising awareness of veteran and service members’ needs both regionally and globally.

    Examples of ways Youth for Troops serves are:
    assembling care packages for deployed service members
    making mats for homeless veterans
    organizing appreciation card drives
    helping local veteran groups with events
    volunteering with Arizona Patriot Guard at military funerals and patriotic events
    assembling care packages for deployed K-9 and veteran service animals
    hosting holiday and special events for children of veterans in crisis
    gathering and distributing donations in backpacks for homeless veterans

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