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    About Us

    Our mission: Helping senior animals in Phoenix, Arizona
    Formed in 2012 as a non-profit 501[c][3] organization, our mission at Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary (FLPS) is to provide often-overlooked senior animals with opportunities to thrive in a safe and caring environment.

    FLPS then works to ensure that every senior dog and cat in our care enjoys a high quality of life in a loving forever home in their remaining years.

    What We Do
    FLPS works with local shelters and rescues to identify the senior animals in need and provide a streamlined process for interested men, women, and families who wish to adopt.

    We provide all of the following:
    -Education for pet owners
    -Training for the animals
    -Medical/financial assistance for some fosters or adopters
    -Foster homes
    -Adoption services

    How We Help the Phoenix and Scottsdale Community
    FLPS serves a public need by offering housing to a limited number of senior pets. Our safe haven takes the burden of temporary care and housing of senior animals off of local shelters. Inevitably, local shelters resort to euthanizing these abandoned senior animals at an alarming rate.

    According to public record in 2013, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control euthanized one animal every 10 minutes they were open to the public. Euthanasia for senior residents is the primary option for most local shelters because they tend to focus their efforts on a high adoption model that includes younger “more adoptable” animals.

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