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    About Us

    When it comes being a Voice Over Talent, I make it a priority to make an impression. I want my clients to know that they will get noticed when they work with me. So when it comes to combine the right amount of crazy about your clients, you come up with Adam Bullock VO! Let's connect and create some magic!

    Hiring someone to do voice over for your business can help get your message across, your business noticed and sound more professional and engage clients.

    These are some ways that I can help you with your business:

    - Corporate Videos
    - Animation/Characters
    - Explainers Videos
    - Telephony and IVR
    - website promotions
    - Commercials
    - Radio Promotions
    - Live announcing at your next event
    - And anything else you need to make your business grow!

    I love to bring stories to life through characters, and history of the companies that hire me to voice them.

    Let's make history together!!!


    Inside of my home studio.
    Teaching kids the basics of voicing characters for their middle school film class.
    I run a local Facebook group for Voice Over Actors that are just starting out to seasoned pros.
    In the middle of a recording session with a local production company.
    Sometimes you just have to be a little goofy in the recording booth.

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    Adam Bullock
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