• Achieving Life Success

              In this two and a half day educational event, you will have experiences that will create a new awareness. This awareness can remove stress, worry, resentments, guilt, and fear! This awareness can restore relationships and families, and replace behaviors that don’t work.

               With awareness comes conscious choice! Like the computer, you are going to delete some software (beliefs and behaviors) and install programs that you choose. Then you can create yourself and your life anyway you want!

    Achieving Life Success has lectures and experiences regarding the following…

    Beliefs And Behaviors All thinking comes from beliefs, behaviors come from repeat thinking and action. All that stops anyone of us from our potential is in our belief system.

    How To Be More Effective Through experiential learning, you will see how much you miss because of the limiting beliefs and programs that run you daily.

    Cycle Of Destruction – Discover the most destructive thought process on the planet! Learn what it is and how to stop it when it’s running.

    Extraordinary Communication People who can communicate at an extremely effective level achieve more....

    The Power Of The Word – Examine what the cost is to you when you break your word and agreements. In addition we will look at how we use our word to diminish ourselves and others. This event alone can bring anyone to a greater level of self-integrity.

    Win/Win – A potential milestone, find out first hand how you choose to show up.

    These are not just “Platitudes”.  Your life can be everything that you want it to be and more.